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JUKEBOX: applying telematics technology to improve public access to audio archives

The JUKE-BOX project involved extension of existing library services to provide on-line access to audio archives; development of a multimedia workstation to access audio records (to validate new standards for compression and communication technologies). The project focused on the building of 2 systems: the user system (multimedia terminal) and the archive system (a database of digitised sound recordings interfacing with the sound archive). During the pilot stage the project digitized more than 1000 records which are copyright clear and conducted a survey of user evaluation of the services offered at the multimedia terminal.

It has been, and still is, extremely difficult to obtain access to sound archives, so that international public and academic utilization of sound archives, shown to be feasible by the JUKE-BOX prototype, is a very exciting prospect. The method clearly indicates that multimedia response would be a practical proposition and this has significant implications in extending the role of libraries as total information centres. The success of the pilot project means that the prototype is a strong foundation for a fully operational system.

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