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LIRN: library information enquiry and referral network

The electronic enquiry and referral service for European libraries is based on the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 9594/CCITT X.500 Directory standard. The concepts and feasibility of the service were defined and evaluated during a pilot operation using business as a subject topic. The project developed a pilot enquiry and referral service between 3 library communities in Portugal, United Kingdom and Belgium. The services and architecture of LIRN are studied and defined. Information regarding the subject of business is held in a distributed database in the X.500 format.

Libraries and, increasingly, industry are looking for cost effective electronic information services. The pilot clearly demonstrated that a reliable, pan-European, international, multilingual business information service is a commercial proposition. That LIRN would, for the first time, given pan-European access, rapidly and definitively, to business data is a very exciting development in the electronic information services market.

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