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Final Report Summary - MICBS (Modeling International Cooperation Between States)

The project "Modelling International Cooperation Between States" is now complete. Objectives for the full (three-year) period included the undertaking of an interdisciplinary literature review; engagement with scholars in relevant areas; the drafting and submission for publication of three papers to peer-reviewed journals; the preparation of one book mansucript; domestic and international travel to present work and receive feedback and to disseminate findings; a subject-specific conference; and a project website. All objectives have been met, with the exception of the book manuscript, for which one remaining chapter is being finalized.
The Fellow has travelled widely both nationally and internationally presenting work (including to Cameroon, Denmark, the US, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia), and has built networks and collaborations with international researchers both in Philosophy and other disciplines. She has published 10 articles, 2 book chapters, and 2 book reviews relating to the project. These papers have advanced the state-of-the-art in the relevant fields by advancing academic debates over collective agency for large-scale hierarchical groups like nation-states, over responsibility for the actions of such agents, and over climate negotiations and climate ethics between state actors. The Fellow has completed the first draft of the project's book manuscript. The book manuscript (when published as a book) has the potential advancing the state-of-the-art considerably, in that the Fellow is defending an original and unusual position which goes against the grain of current discussions about responsibility for states' actions, which commonly accept that states are collective agents with citizens as members. It is expected that this project will significantly advance the theory of international cooperation between states, which has social implications for those committed to securing action to reduce global greenhouse emissions. The Fellow has created a project website which introduces people to the main questions of the project and reports on project activities.
As at December 31st 2016, the Fellow had successfully passed her probationary period at the University of Sheffield and secured a stable, long-term position as a Lecturer in Philosophy. She had a well-established within a network of researchers in the UK and across Europe, and had maintained and strengthened connections to universities in Australia and New Zealand, in particular the Australian National University, and built new connections to universities including Princeton in the United States.

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