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MUMLIB: multimedia methodology in libraries

An enhanced library service was developed based on a compact disc read only memory (CDROM) product integrated in the library environment. Tools and methods were developed for preparing multimedia profiles of 46 modern authors from Denmark, Ireland and Portugal. The project analysed user response and search strategies in relation to multimedia products for literature by carrying out tests in libraries in the three countries involved. Aspects reviewed included user interface design, presentation and effectiveness. The project also developed a coordinated strategy for copyright issues relating to the presentation of multimedia material in electronic form.

The CDROM product developed provides the basis for an integrated bibliographic service based on the development of linkages with existing catalogue records in the local environment. The service offers users both bibliographical and biographical information giving them a real context rather than just a listing of the author's works. Full use is made of text, sound, graphics and moving video. The project provided a series of reports covering market analysis, technical aspects, design methodology, standards, copyright and user reactions.

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