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OLUIT: object oriented librarian user interface tool

An efficient and innovative tool kit is being developed to create a multiplatform graphical user interface (GUI) for libraries in a client-server architecture. Development includes an object-oriented methodology and consists of objects related to specific types of information and management functions used in library applications. Care was taken to comply with international bibliographic and search and retrieval standards. The toolset is portable (ie multiplatform) and addresses in particular search and retrieve functions on the basis of an object-oriented approach. Such an object-oriented user interface should have considerable impact on library applications as the technology involved could significantly reduce software development and maintenance costs while coping with increasing complexity of services and functions. The approach is also ideally suited to dealing with multimedia. The user-friendly prototype is being developed for use in the Italian library network and in a number of French libraries. State-of-the-art surveys, a user requirements analysis, technical specifications and a usability evaluation report have also been produced. Implementation software has been developed together with user and installation manuals.

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