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RIDDLE: rapid information display and dissemination in a library environment

The project studied the feasibility of scanning the contents pages of technical journals with a view to including the information on the individual items in each issue in online library catalogues. A pilot/prototype was developed. It also looked at the feasibility of integrating the text of journal articles into online catalogues and the possibility of generating the text of catalogue entries through scanning of contents pages. The results of the project were not specific to any one library but were applicable to any online library catalogue. The project demonstrated that the concept of automatic capture of journal contents pages (and even journal data) for inclusion into online public access catalogues (OPAC), is feasible. The prototype provides a sound basis for the development of a commercially available system, especially ported on to a Windows personal computer (PC).

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FT Healthcare and Cartermill International Ltd
Technology Centre North Haugh
KY16 9EA St Andrews
United Kingdom
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