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SOCKER: SR origin communication kernel

The project used existing International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) development software (ISODE) to implement SR on standard platforms. It first examines the options chosen in the co-operating target systems and developed a kernel to be ported on the 3 different environments, and then adapted to the local interfaces. The project focused on the problems related to the use of international networks, and on query language translation. It provided input to the standardization process by reporting on the results of the initial study phase and of the dissemination stage. Two pilot phases were foreseen: a closed pilot especially at the sites using one of the participants' environment, and an open pilot where the workstation implementation will be extensively tested, if possible at sites located in southern countries.

SOCKER end-products are freely available for dissemination and demonstration purposes; user survey on pilot operation; input/participation to/in standardization bodies. By providing a kernel consisting of an intercompatible SR origin implementation and a toolbox with request procedures, SOCKER gives tailored, unified access to all databases which meet ISO standards for search and retrieval. It will therefore greatly encourage the international usage of bibliographic information across European libraries and rationalize the associated work in libraries by doing so. The recommendations to ISO will help the SR standard to correspond more closely to practical requirements.

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