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Entertainment on the move

The audio video system for mobile interactive services (AVS-MIS) offers travellers access to high quality multimedia services whilst on the move. Services such as video-on-demand (VOD), games, news and tourist information are all brought to passengers in their seats. The system brings together technologies such as computing, networking, cable and satellite television, digital video and the Internet. As well as airlines, the market for this type of in-seat entertainment system includes cruise ships, trains and other transport modes.

High performance parallel computing is the key technology enabling the development of affordable VOD. The AVS-MIS system comprises an audiovisual server, a Web server, a network and terminals. The platform is based on off-the-shelf components, on standard computer boards and standard interfaces. A wide variety of programs are compressed, using MPEG2 technology, and stored on the audiovisual server. This approach also enables the system to receive live transmissions from satellites. The Web server stores interactive applications including shopping, games, gambling, education, car rental and weather forecasts. Intranet methods are utilized and information is structured in a database. Once broadband communication with ground systems is realized, Internet facilities will become available. Passengers access the services via a user-friendly interface using a touch screen, keyboard, joy-stick, credit card reader or telephone.

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