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Multimedia security systems

The Hyperstone E1/32 microprocessor combines the inherent advantages of two different architectures: the speed of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) with the high performance of digital signal processing (DSP). The first area to benefit is security services, where systems are becoming more sophisticated as they combine video imaging with traditional security measures such as alarms. One result of the project is the E1/32-based VideoTrans video security unit developed for digital video recording and transmission of images from remote security installations.

At the heart of the VideoTrans system is the Hyperstone E1/32 high power, low cost embedded microcontroller core. This operates at 50 MHz and provides processing, video input multiplexing and digitization, host interface and input/output (I/O) control functions. VideoTrans consists of two units. The Video Server is installed at the remote site and features a video digitizer for image capture, which can simultaneously digitize images from four local cameras. Images are compressed and temporarily stored in a buffer while the system checks the status of other sensors. They can then be either stored to hard disk or, under specified conditions, transmitted to the central site via standard telephone, high speed integrated services digital network (ISDN) line or similar medium. At the central Operator Station, the security operator can watch either live video images from the remote cameras or the stored video sequences.

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