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IKS: European kanban

The just-in-time (JIT) production concept used successfully by Japanese industry is now being adopted by many European businesses. JIT is a collection of managerial techniques that aim to rationalize and optimize the production process. A key feature of this approach is the use of the pull mechanism, where production is triggered by final demand for products, rather than by the supply of components. Kanban is a well known example of one such technique for putting JIT production into action.

The Integrated Kanban System (IKS) is an advanced computer-based support tool to help in the design and implementation of a kanban system. It maintains all the benefits of traditional kanban techniques, promotes lean production and supports both real time and historical monitoring and evaluation.

The IKS package consists of three main software modules, which are integrated to support a typical just-in-time continuous improvement cycle. The Designer module allows the user to model the production workflow through a visual interface in a way that suits a kanban system. The Kanban tools module manages and monitors the manufacturing operation. Production can be tracked using radio frequency bar code readers, or other system tracking measures. Signals are sent electronically and information displayed on electronic blackboards. Finally, the Diagnostic package provides a complete reporting unit, which assists the operator in analysing and optimizing the system.

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