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MOQUACINO Report Summary

Project ID: 339918
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - MOQUACINO (Memory-enabled Optical Quantum Communications and Information Networks)

Current state-of-the-art quantum networks are limited in size and complexity due to the probabilistic nature of the underpinning photonic quantum operations. MOQUACINO aims to solve this problem by using ultrafast quantum memories for multiplexing: a technique to make probabilistic operations deterministic. There are stringent requirements on the performance of such quantum memories. The initial focus of MOQUACINO has been focused on improving one exciting memory candidate, the Raman quantum memory, to enable next generation experiments in quantum networks. We have successfully improved the unconditional noise-floor in such memories to a quantum-ready level and we have also reduced the required power requirements by an order of magnitude. We have also improved the overall memory performance by more than a factor of two. All of these improvements, along with this memories experimental simplicity and room-temperature operation, uniquely positions the Raman quantum memory as the key technology to empower large quantum photonic networks via temporal multiplexing.

In addition, we have explored new and novel types of photonic networks for metrology, computing, simulation, and as a platform for exploring foundational physics. One highlight has been the first thermodynamic quantum information experiment using photonics: a demonstration of a photonic Maxwell demon.

Our continued multifaceted research effort into all aspects of quantum photonic technologies overs a promising route towards large-scale quantum networks. We will continue to develop the necessary quantum light sources, quantum memories, integrated photonic circuits, superconducting detectors and innovative protocols that will underpin the next generation of photonic network based quantum information technologies.

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