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CARP Report Summary

Project ID: 617970
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - CARP (Making Selves, Making Revolutions: Comparative Anthropologies of Revolutionary Politics)

Comparative Anthropologies of Revolutionary Politics (CARP) is a five-year research project that seeks to launch the comparative study of revolutionary personhood as a major new departure for anthropological research. Its ambition is to deepen our understanding of revolutions by charting the dynamics of revolutionary ‘anthropologies’ in the original theological sense of the term, examining revolutionary politics in relation to varying conceptions of what it is to be human. What kinds of self does it take to make a revolution? And how does revolutionary politics, understood as a project of personal as much as political transformation, articulate with other processes of self-making, such as religious ones? Based on a selection of ethnographic studies in countries of the MENA region and Latin America, the project brings an anthropological examination of the relationship between revolutionary and religious practices to bear on existing conceptions of revolution, statecraft, and subjectivity in political theory.

The project is currently in its third phase, during which the ethnographic material collected during the previous phases is being analysed comparatively and written up by the members of the project. A number of our key outputs will be forthcoming during the Dissemination phase of the project, which begins in 2018, although we have already been able to produce a number of books, journal articles, and book chapters, as detailed on the project’s webpages (, as well as a series of briefing-papers, field-reports, press items and blog posts speaking to wide and diverse audiences, both academic and non-academic.

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