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PNET Report Summary

Project ID: 338660
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Israel

Mid-Term Report Summary - PNET (Principles of biomolecular networks)

Biological systems need to perform precise and accurate decision making processes in a highly heterogeneous environment. In addition to fluctuations coming from the external environment, variability is also due to stochastic processes within the cells. As a consequence, proteins levels and activities within cells may vary in a non-deterministic manner. The goal of our project is to better understand how this variability impacts on the design on cellular circuits. More specifically, we have three main aims. First, we wish to define main source of variability. Second, we aim to reveal roles of this variability in enhancing cellular information processing. Finally, we aim to define mechanisms by which key biological processes are buffered against stochastic variability. As models, we look in depth at the organization of the transcription network in budding yeast, the regulation of nutrient homeostasis in budding yeast and the establishment of morphogen gradients during early Drosophila development. Our studies are interdisciplinary, integrating theory, experiments and computational data analysis.

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