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NEWFELPRO Report Summary

Project ID: 291823
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Croatia

Periodic Report Summary 2 - NEWFELPRO (New International Fellowship Mobility Programme for Experienced Researchers)

The new International Fellowship Mobility Programme for Experienced Researchers in Croatia – NEWFELPRO is a fellowship project of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Science and Education (MSE).

The long-term objective of the “New International Fellowship Mobility Programme for Experienced Researchers” was to contribute to the presence of significantly more research qualified individuals who can become future leaders of universities and colleges, research groupings, research institutes and innovative companies, presenting a significant international trans-national experience and well developed international scientific networks. Through NEWFELPRO, Croatian scientific system has been strengthened both research and human resources wise whilst its institutions have received the much needed visibility.

The programme was focused on a combination of actions connected with transnational and inter-sectoral mobility. The strategic objectives of the programme are:

- Give new impulse to the national research programmes for foreign researchers, encouraging incoming mobility of experienced human resources (incoming fellowship scheme, duration 12-24 months).
- Facilitate additional mobility in the Croatian research community, increasing the participations of Croatia's scientists abroad (outgoing fellowship scheme, duration 12-36 months);
- Encouraging brilliant Croatian researcher to build up his own carrier in Croatia also inviting them to return in their country (reintegration fellowship scheme, duration 24 months).

Throughout its implementation, NEWFELPRO has had an important role in research area in Croatia but also in all the other countries which hosted NEWFELPRO researchers. Through outgoing, incoming and reintegration schemes, Croatian host institutions welcomed researchers from 25 different countries and 35 host institutions in 20 different countries welcomed Croatian researchers once again proving the significance of research mobility and the excellence within the European Research Area. Additionally, over 450 international evaluators with their finest expertise were included in the selection process of our fellows extracting the best of the best project and fellow wise.
The outgoing mobility has provided the researchers with the necessary experience to lead in the future a more internationalized, trans-national innovation system bringing to the Croatian scientific community wide international networks. At the same time, the international incoming mobility of talented researchers allowed them to work in a scientific system of a country that has a very good potential to offer new positions for researchers, in both academic and private R&D institution. This proved to be especially fruitful as more than a few fellows from the incoming scheme remained on their Croatian host institutions and were offered working positions upon finishing the implementation of their projects which they accepted. Reintegration scheme aimed at increasing the quality of the human resources employed in Croatia by attracting Croatian researchers working abroad for longer periods of time. With all of the fellows in this scheme either already continuing to work or planning on continuing to work upon finishing their projects at their host institutions.

As of December 2016, 36 fellows have been financed through the outgoing scheme, 34 fellows have been financed through the incoming scheme and 6 fellows have been financed through the reintegration scheme.

Based on the current data, over 70% of all fellows have been applying for further financing of their research either through Horizon 2020, ERC or different national foundations, along with collaborating with other researchers at their (return) host institutions on existing projects.

All this action globally considered will allow reaching two further goals:

- Internationalize the research developed of all Croatian universities fostering confrontation with the best international research competitive institutions (all schemes);
- Give impulse to an effective labour market for researcher in Croatia, connecting industry and universities, public and private research institutions and industrial laboratories, enhancing the knowledge transfer and preparing better employment opportunities for researchers with special attention at SMEs innovative processes (all schemes).

As of the end of Year 4 of the project, the following goals were achieved:
• Presentations of the NEWFELPRO project, its fellows and their projects
• Launching of the NEWFELPRO website regularly updated with news on the project, stories on the researchers, information on workshops, seminars and conferences
• Publication of the NEWFELPRO promotional video and promo materials,
• Launching of the official NEWFELPRO Facebook page
• The official opening conference of the NEWFELPRO programme was held on 21 June 2013 in the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Croatia
• Publication of an open call for evaluators
• Publication of three open calls for proposals from June 2013 to January 2014
• Over 450 international evaluators engaged in reviewing the project proposals
• International evaluation of 183 submitted project proposals
• Negotiation process held with 88 researchers with highest evaluation scores
• Grant Agreements signed with 76 fellows
• Successful implementation of 44 projects
• As of M48, 24 projects are in implementation
• Organized trainings of fellows
• Organization of an international workshop on COFUND “COFUND as a moving impulse towards excellence: Challenges and opportunities – June 16th and 17th 2016 -
• Submission of a continuation COFUND programme to MSCA-2016-COFUND Call by the Ministry of Science and Education (MSE)
• Official celebratory dinner for 4th year of NEWFELPRO implementation including an exhibition of scientific photographs and posters of NEWFELPRO projects

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