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MEDID: high resolution X-rays

The main result of the MEDID project is the commercialization of a new radiography imaging system, representing a major advance for the whole X-ray imaging market. Initially targeted at the healthcare industry, this solid-state digital device employs silicon technology and digital signal processing, to convert X-rays into a high-quality digital image. This non-chemical detector rivals photographic film technology in size, performance and scanning time.

The new flat-panel detector has been specifically designed for medical radiography applications, converting X-rays into a digital image for immediate processing, display and transmission. The image area of the detector is very large, at 43 cm by 43 cm and consists of an active detector matrix containing 3000 x 3000 pixels, offering extremely high resolution. Each pixel is composed of a thin-film amorphous silicon photodiode, highly sensitive to visible light, coupled to a switch. A scintillator covers the whole matrix and converts incoming X-rays to visible light, which activates individual photodiodes to build a pixel-based image, addressed via lines and columns for signal readout. The detector has a 14-bit dynamic range and is driven and controlled by dedicated electronics. Digital data are processed using a system optimized for real time, high data throughput and the readout amplifier is optimized to minimize noise. The detector is only a few centrimetres thick.

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