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MultiMan: multi-site quality management

MultiMan is an integrated information technology (IT)-based solution for the support of quality management in multi-site manufacturing environments. This powerful, flexible and innovative quality management system helps users improve the quality regime across the enterprise, with specific support for distributed multi-site environments. The system integrates with a company's existing systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition; and quality modelling and diagnostic tools.

MultiMan is aimed at people in charge of analysing and solving quality problems rather than those involved in process control. The philosophy is to let the quality specialists express their own expertise through a co-operative IT system, rather than being an expert system which draws on the knowledge of others. The needs of multi-site working are addressed in several ways. The case base can be accessed in a co-operative way by site or central quality managers. Each case is characterized by user-defined quality indicators which can be used to inform aggregate assessments. Being fed by on-line quality data from individual business units, MultiMan allows quality parameters to be monitored in real time and cases to be created for each problem detected. Faced with a new problem, the user consults the case-based reasoning (CBR) module to identify similar previous cases and the associated solutions. The CBR module relies on artificial intelligence techniques, whereas problem detection and case building are more dependent on human interaction.

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