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Portable parallel programming

Existing development tools for parallel programming applications are generally aimed solely at UNIX workstations. The PARDI software acts as an extension to existing operating systems. In addition to workstations, it can be run on specialized hardware and on personal computers (PC), making implementation cheaper. It allows the use of both new and existing toolkits, permits multiple users to share processing resources, and enables parallel applications to automatically adapt themselves to existing resources. No existing product has the same degree of portability with this range of features. The software is licensed as fairware: the code and documentation can be downloaded for no charge, and may be distributed freely but without technical support. Support can be purchased separately from the distributors, Perihelion Distributed Software Ltd (PDS).

PARDI is a software system designed for the development of portable parallel applications. It can run on clusters of workstations, PCs running Windows NT and Windows 95, and a range of more specialized parallel computer hardware. PARDI allows multiple users to share given processing resources (such as a cluster of workstations) and, uniquely, allows parallel applications to adapt themselves to the available resources without user input. New toolkits can exploit the full range of underlying PARDI facilities, but the same development environment will still support existing toolkits, including the de facto industry standards parallel virtual machine (PVM) and message-passing interface (MPI).

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