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REWARD: research and development re-engineering

REWARD, a methodology and guidance model for planning business process re-engineering (BPR) in research and development process management, has been developed. A prototype assessment toolset and a best practice database have been linked to a guidance model to form an electronic book, which can be used by research and development managers to streamline their working practices. The tools and methodology are based around generic toolsets and frameworks for this subclass of business processes.

The modules in the electronic book are interlinked using common interfaces and the guidance model serves as an information base holding most of the documentation about tools and methods. The book uses technology as can be expected from state-of-the-art World Wide Web systems; hypertext markup language (HTML) is used for static content, text mark-up and overall structure while Java is used for the dynamic display of graphical profiles with Java script being used for the embedded automation functions and integration of other technical components. The illustrations and graphics are graphic image format (GIF) and JPEG-coded images. The user interface follows European community (EC) guidelines and International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) standards. No special technical knowledge is needed to operate the system as the users are guided through the system.

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