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ROCCO: the automated builder

ROCCO's key technical achievement is a handling system that is hydraulically driven. In the construction environment, robots typically need to have a reach of 4 m and be able to carry a payload of 400 kg. The turning moments and dead weights of such a system cannot be realized by an electromechanical drive used in conventional robots. Compared with the factory environment, the inaccuracies and positioning faults arising on a construction site are significantly higher. Sensors continually check the robot's position and feed back to the control system to make appropriate compensations. A special gripper can handle both standard and non-standard blocks of different materials, such as sandstone, clay bricks or cellular concrete blocks. The software modules are similar to those used in the engineering industry for many years. Based on a computer aided design (CAD)-representation of the building, the walls are first divided automatically into blocks. The robot's optimal working positions are calculated, together with the positions of the blocks and the arrangements of the blocks on the pallets. With this information the necessary standard and non-standard blocks can be produced and placed on the pallets in the order required. The operational programmes for building the wall are then generated automatically.

Applications Two main tasks have been addressed to date: heavy handling and mortaring. From one working position it can build walls up to 3m high, 6 m in length and gables up to 4.5 m high. A second machine allows for the laser-controlled application of mortar to floors and walls. It has an accuracy of 0.5 mm for a 15 m{2} floor. Compared to manual fabrication, process times are reduced by 30%.

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