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Stimulating software reuse

A book summarising the experiences from twelve real-world projects helps software producers better understand the opportunities for applying software evolution and reuse techniques. The book is called Experiences in Software Evolution and Reuse - Lessons learned from twelve real-world projects (published by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-62864-9). The book describes lessons learned and results from applications of software evolution and reuse techniques in a variety of software companies. Both qualitative and quantitative data are given which will help the reader understand the potential benefits for their organization of applying these approaches. Results are presented and analysed from a variety of real-world software projects, taking account of organizational and managerial as well as technical aspects of the software development process. The many questions frequently raised by potential users are addressed. The book and demonstrates how the technologies can be usefully combined to reduce time-to-market, enhance quality and increase productivity.

In addition to the book, the project partners now provide training, tools and consultancy to help software organizations set up or progress within an appropriate reuse programme.

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