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SUPREME: re-engineering for the process industries

New software based on visualization and multimedia technologies is bringing business process re-engineering techniques to the large-scale process industries. SUPREME is an integrated information technology (IT) system for business process modelling and enactment. It integrates with external software packages and uses innovative visualization technologies to present on-going business processes.

SUPREME applies existing and complementary software technologies to the automation and management of large-scale business processes. These technologies are brought together in an object-oriented environment. Around a central workflow kernel, CapWebFlow, and a process visualization system, new or existing applications are encapsulated within an industry-standard common object request broker architecture (CORBA) environment. Visualization of large information structures is achieved using Java and Liquid reality, and process data is represented in 3 dimensions. This is a key strength of the SUPREME system. Process modelling and automation are achieved and multimedia is offered as bundled middleware. SUPREME is in line with emerging standards for systems integration and allows standard applications on desktops and servers to be accessed through user-friendly interfaces based on Internet technology with Java. The system is currently being applied to illustrate how workflow and visualization techniques can be used in nuclear reactor maintenance.

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