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VENIVA: the digital archive

Rapidly increasing stocks of private and public archives are quickly outgrowing their paper-based systems. VENIVA is a new method for archiving public and private sector documents electronically. Although other archiving systems exist, VENIVA is the first to integrate technologies such as geographically-distributed databases, hypermedia methodology and full text retrieval systems. In doing so, it provides a solution for archiving both archival and bibliographic information. As well as on-site systems, VENIVA databases can be accessed through the Internet.

Information is archived from libraries or archives through the Instance Editor. Data is catalogued in accordance with the international standards. The database is managed and updated by an Internal Service Provider. The database is then available on the Internet via the VENIVA Access System. It is this application which allows users to navigate in the database and utilize the system's various services. Particular advantages of the VENIVA system are that it allows navigation in distributed databases with a common search interface. Value-added services are also provided, such as high-quality reproductions, an electronic bookshop and virtual exhibitions.

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