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ADONIS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 632446
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: France
Domain: Fundamental Research , Industry, Transport, Environment, Information and communication technology

Novel techniques to boost the performance of insulating materials in aircraft engines

Faulty wiring has been linked to several major air disasters, underscoring the need to introduce new wiring insulation. An EU initiative proposed new methods to select and test insulation materials for engine wiring.
Novel techniques to boost the performance of insulating materials in aircraft engines
A novel type of wiring insulation that is highly resistant to mechanical stresses and chemical exposure is key to ensuring flight safety. Efficient and robust insulation materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions are needed for engine wiring.

With this in mind, the EU-funded ADONIS (Analyzing durability of insulating materials) project studied the behaviour of electrical insulating materials exposed to adverse conditions encountered in and around aircraft engines.

Work began with a literature review of insulating materials and their interface behaviour concerning electrical properties. This helped to choose suitable analytical techniques in order to study the evolution of properties and to establish clear methods for assessing insulating materials.

Project partners characterised and tested several materials. They employed thermal analysis techniques to evaluate the materials. The ADONIS team did so by exposing the materials to ageing conditions consistent with their use under various circumstances, namely immersion in several liquids such as oil, hydraulic fluids and other specific products.

The results of the ageing tests assisted in identifying the most suitable resin for aircraft engine application. They also helped to select the best materials for use on a system capable of de-icing rotors that was developed as part of a Clean Sky initiative.

Researchers ultimately designed an innovative procedure for testing and selecting insulation materials according to their specific environment.

ADONIS advanced the state of the art in choosing and evaluating the performance of insulation materials that function in severe conditions. This materials testing innovation bodes well for the operational safety of the aerospace industry.

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