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SAWSOC — Result In Brief

Project ID: 313034
Funded under: FP7-SECURITY
Country: Italy
Domain: Security, Information and communication technology

Security technologies converge

The convergence of various security technologies under one platform is slated to streamline security monitoring of critical infrastructure and public spaces.
Security technologies converge
Security technology has made tremendous strides in recent years. Yet, many stand-alone security technologies and platforms are interdependent and need to be linked in real time, implying a need for convergence. The various technologies that could benefit from convergence include security information management, building automation, video surveillance and security operations centres.

With this challenge in mind, the EU-funded project SAWSOC (Situation aware security operations center) sought to enhance security monitoring facilities through effective convergence. It designed a platform that gathers data on all activities and events in real time, including alarms, remediation/reaction triggers that can address issues and collection of unforgeable electronic evidence.

To achieve its aims, the project team ensured that the system can collect information on different levels, including physical architecture, network, operating system and database, facilitating correlation of the diverse information flows.

It looked at the use of converged technology in protection of critical infrastructure in air traffic management, energy production/distribution and protection of public spaces such as stadiums.

The resulting SAWSOC platform can readily combine event information from different sources. It diagnoses the data using video content management, a correlation engine, rule engine, forensic module and identity/credential management system. This is supported by a visualisation module to display alarms, actions and statistics that can enhance user interaction and decision-making.

The new platform will enable better detection and diagnosis of attacks, resulting in more accurate, timely and trustworthy detection. The project’s technology will help stakeholders in the security field enhance their products and services, thanks to vigorous dissemination of the project’s results through workshops, conferences, cross-fertilisation and related EU-funded projects. Lastly, exploitation plans have been prepared by the project team and will likely bear fruit in the near future.

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