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King of App Report Summary

Project ID: 726743

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - King of App (Launching the First Open Source Mobile Content Management System for Apps)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Currently companies also profit from offering their apps for free as apps can boost their revenue by establishing a direct connection with their customers. However, developing an app is neither easy nor cheap. Deep technology understanding and skills are needed, as well as substantial budgets. Whilst everyone was eager to create their own web pages when they first emerged, today, even experienced web developers shy away from creating mobile apps.
The average cost for mobile app development is almost $6,500, with programming costs ranging from $3,000 for small apps to $150,000 for more complex or recognized brand apps. Therefore, commissioning the development of a mobile app is extremely costly. There are a few initial attempts to solve the cost problem, but these solutions do not allow for any customizations and modifications by any programmers that know how to build websites. Consequently, there is a risk that all mobile apps created on a single platform are similar in look and feel, which defeats the purpose of differentiation through mobile app marketing. What we need is a CMS for mobile apps: we have identified the opportunity of developing a quick, easy and cheap way of building apps, suppressing the burdens that every player interested in creating them has encountered so far in the market.
The importance for society is to high because King of App is the first and only CMS for mobile apps, just as Wordpress is for websites. King of App allows users even with little coding experience to create mobile apps for iOS and Android in 9 simple steps: initial configuration, choose your theme, operating system application, configuring modules, configuring services, code editor, contract services, preview and pay. King of App follows the same business model as Wordpress and thereby prove ourselves in the market.
We follow a freemium business model with a) additional paid services for the developer community such as professional technical support, training, compilation and publication in distribution platforms and b) fees charged on a set of products and services offered in our marketplace. We believe that this business model will allow us to boost our company growth while creating new jobs, helping other SMEs to grow faster through the usage of mobile apps, which are not affordable presently. This will also allow for the creation of startups built on new mobile app ideas as well as mobile app development companies.
Our target market is composed by three groups:
1) Experienced web developers
2) Experienced web designers.
3) Less experienced users.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

We are working to close the workpage 1, because during the period of we working in the Grand Agreement we saw that the market change and for this we presented an amendment, the answer of this amendment arrive some weeks ago, and for this we are working now in offer to our customers the possibility to compile his apps with his id, and publish down his name in the IOS and Android marketplace.
During this period we finalized the point 1.1, and with great reviews from our users for one of the tools: KOA-cli. Also we finish the task 1.3, the code editor, with support to the most javascript frameworks: Angular, Polymer, React JS and Jquery.
In the WP2, in the task 2.1, we are working in it and we have more than 200 modules ready for our users work with them.
The task 2.2 we work in a new concept of theme to give the freedom, without limits, for this we work in the deliverable 1.3 in a versions system to add the particularity that when you create a new theme and touch the code you can save just this version for your user, and the other users can save his own version and you always have the original. But this great theme system have one problem, that you need 4 times more work to create a complete theme. In this deliverable we have to create more than 200 themes, and now we have only 30. So we are working in reduce the time to pass from design creating some plugin. With this we expect import the design to code automatically reducing 1 week the cost of coding, we are exploring solutions.
In the WP3 we have ready to integrate the Push Notifications system and the Mobile Analytics Service, however the last point of the task 3.1.3 the Real time bidding system we are collaborating in a partnership to develop this with one provider, DOCOMO digital to create a successful tool and adapted to the market specification, and this collaboration sometimes we have to adapt to the times of this big company.
The WP3 we create a bridge between the most famous tool of ecommerce, Woocommerce and KOa, at the same time, we create or own mcommerce system with firebase, and a module for donations. And we create and intelligent payment system that provides you the best options for you, and this system have integration with Paypal and Stripe.
In the WP4 we start to work to plan the strategy to success with this project. In the task 4.1 we create all the content strategy and we start to rec the first videos, you can see in youtube. The task 4.2 we studied our users to know which problems they have with our platform to redesign the suability and increase the funnel penetration.
At the same time, listening the commission tips, we implement our efforts in the commercial task in the deliverable WP5, WP6, WP7 creating a new Corporate image, new ui/ux for the platform and incrementing the contact with our customer with presencial meetings, getting better the documentation and creating tutorials.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

After 3 years of developing this open source technology not there are other system like us available nowadays. Although we have to adapt our main objectives to be more focus in the market, and after create a big software we are focus in support the web community to introduce in the app creation process. For this we are creating modules from wordpress and woocommerce platforms to open the integration possibilities between the both markets.

Our progresses within this technology are being executed in a growing industry, where worldwide mobile app revenues are expected to increase sharply in the upcoming years (from $69.7 billion dollars in 2015 to $188.9 forecasted for 20201, but the last 3 years the app development publishing in the markets is stopping because not there are enough app developers. App developers develop every year, last 3 years 0’5 M of app, web developers develop 50 M, this difference is because the technological gap). In addition, the forecasts announced by Gartner also show a significant increase in the number of downloaded apps in the following years, either for free or paid2. Anticipating to these trends, King of App is developing and introducing in the market a new array of tools and solutions that developers and designers will be able to leverage so as to keep pace with the mobile industry. With us this numbers can be a reality.
Source: These figures account for the revenues from selling apps in an app store and from in-app advertising.

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