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Periodic Reporting for period 3 - HyBalance (HyBalance)

Reporting period: 2018-01-01 to 2019-03-31

HyBalance will demonstrate the link between energy storage in the form of hydrogen and the deployment of hydrogen mobility solutions. The production of green hydrogen based on wind power using electrolysis is a well-known and proven technology, but the HyBalance project implements advanced key technologies. It will not only validate highly dynamic PEM electrolysis technology and innovative hydrogen delivery processes involved but also demonstrate these in a real industrial environment by applying high pressure hydrogen production and delivery equipment. The HyBalance setting is unique in demonstrating the multiple applications of Power-to-Hydrogen Technologies, including how hydrogen can be used in multiple high value markets such as industry and clean transportation, and the project will help validate business models for these applications.
This project will develop a model in which the operation of the hydrogen plant is simulated on hourly basis in relation to hourly power prices, the need for balancing the electricity grid and hydrogen demand.
During period 1, the preliminary definition of the plant has been frozen and the electrolyser manufacturing has started. The local mobility and industrial hydrogen markets targeted have been defined. A first sod event took place in Hobro in presence of the Danish minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate and the website was launched.

During period 2, the detailed design of the plant has been completed, the plant has been constructed and test and commissioning has started. Furthermore a report on the stakeholders within hydrogen for mobility has been completed.

During period 3, the project has achieved a remarkable and significant milestone with the construction of the plant. Early 2018 (the 3rd year of the program), the technical team have addressed the punch list items of the Site Acceptance Tests in order to release the start-up of operations. The plant was inaugurated in September 3rd 2018 and the event gathered customers and project partners as well as Danish authorities.

The main achievements after the startup phase includes :
- the first successful delivery of Hydrogen through tube trailers to industrial and mobility market
- the construction of a pipeline to serve a local industrial customer directly from the Hybalance plant to its site
- The management of operations to stabilize equipment performance at nominal capacity and to ramp up the hydrogen production

For the final period of the project, the team will keep focusing on the reliability improvements as well as the implementation of grid services.
The HyBalance setting is unique for demonstrating the multiple applications of PtH2.
This project will be a reference to achieve the lowest possible energy and hydrogen supply costs mainly with the ambition to draw from cheap renewable electricity.

HyBalance furthermore seeks to demonstrate how green hydrogen from electrolysis over time can become a competitive option to produce hydrogen from steam methane reforming (SMR). The communication and dissemination part of the HyBalance project aims to establish a solid knowledge basis and to develop tools, which can be further utilized in other similar projects.
More generally, Hybalance is aligned with EU and Danish climate and energy targets that demonstrate how hydrogen can play a role in the future energy system.
Global view of the Hybalance Plant