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GO2 Report Summary

Project ID: 735542


Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The main objective of GO2 project will be focused on the development and further commercialization of an innovative system able to produce high purity oxygen (>>99.5%) at high temperature (800-1000ºC) by means of advanced membrane modules (high temperature ion conducting ceramic membranes). KERIONICS products are able to supply oxygen with a cost reduction between 30-70% regarding the current technologies for industrial applications that requires oxygen or enriched air and to capture CO2 using the most efficient technology. GO2 project will have a major impact on European industry because the use of oxygen or enriched air improves the plant efficiency and GO2 technology can reduce CO2 emissions by means of the reduction in fuel consumption using technically efficient CO2 separation. Energy-intensive industry processes based on combustion and oxidation at high temperature can achieve an impressive 36-month payback using this technology.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

KERIONICS received three days sessions of EASME coaching during SME instrument phase 1. During these sessions with the coach Teresa van Oorschot, the following topics were analysed:
- Business Plan: Harmonization of CEO, partners and R&D Department’s visions and needs in order to: develop the best product to start commercialization, be on time in market, follow up the plans & timings and assuring funding.
- Business Units: For each: how to focus them towards commercialization, plan (strategy, timings and founding), launch to market and price strategy (Market investigation, costs and margins, value proposition, …).

The result from this analysis and the work of the CEO, partners and his team has been very positive to ensure the project successful by means the business plan, commercial strategy, price strategy and product development plan. With the help of Coaching sessions, KERIONICS had taken decisions in how will go to the market with two different products based in the same modular technology. KERIONICS will continue the coaching sessions to improve the process of production, commercialization method, relationship between the employers, RRHH plan and human develop, communication plan…

In addition KERIONICS has carried out during SME Instrument Phase I different actions to expand and strength the stakeholders net:
- A presentation in the Green-CC Exploitation Workshop RWTH AACHEN to a scientific forum in the field of Oxygen Transport Membranes, from the most important European Institutes.
- Participation in the SOUTH SUMMIT in Madrid.
- Participation in SME Instrument Innovators’ Summit in Brussels.
- A presentation in the Spanish National Congress CLIMAVAL of Energetic Solutions and Circular Economy in the Industrial Sector.
- Participation in the FAIR DESTACA 2016 in Vila-Real, Castellón-Spain.
- Interview in the radio Spanish program (“Cristina Lopez Schlichting – Fin de semana” in COPE station), on the occasion of the celebration of the Energy Efficiency Day.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

KERIONICS provides a more efficient solution to the oxygen supply for energy-intensive industries that consume oxygen for high temperature applications. In this line, KERIONICS recovers and minimises the heat losses/surpluses of this kind of industries.

The opportunity for KERIONICS resides in the exclusive technology (materials and design of module, and type of manufacture) and the differentiation of the application, which is not the same to that the technologies of the competitors are orientated. The Spanish and European market are expecting a new technological service to provide cheaper O2, however, this technology does not exist as ours to commercial level. KERIONICS Price of O2 will be 30-70% lower than competitors depending on the residual heat available on site for oxygen generation In addition production and capital costs are reduced due to the modular character of KERIONICS technology that enables to adapt the installed O2 production capacity to the client’s demand together with a high degree of purity (99%).

From economic point of view, KERIONICS generation is the most profitable option than competitors’ technology. The module technology is taken as complete and operative while now the efforts are taken to demonstrate the technology in industrial environment, which entails integration engineering and design and selection of components.

From the environmental point of view, KERIONICS CO2 emissions diminish approximately in 50 % with regard to the alternative most-favourable technology.

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