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New polymers for reinforcing thermoplastics

New materials based on blends of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and liquid crystalline polymers (LCP) (in situ composites) have been developed giving increased strength, toughness, wear resistance and dimensional stability. These polymers are potentially suitable candidates for reinforcing common thermoplastic by reactive blending in the presence of dianhydride.

A more effective compatibility between the two phases of the PET/LCP systems has been found. The experimental results obtained show that a rather small amount of LCP, if properly reacted by the developed techniques, leads to a significant increase in properties of PET/LCP systems, showing the possibility to prepare in situ composites for application of wide spreading at lower prices with respect to the more traditional engineering polymers. The addition of the anhydride and polhydroxy ethers to conventional PET/LCP blends produces superior performances in terms of: toughness at least 60% higher than host matrix (PET); elastic modulus at least 100% higher than host matrix (PET); good thermal dimensional stability; high hydrolytic stability, about 50 times higher than that of PET; gas barrier property.

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