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MANETEI — Result In Brief

Project ID: 238382
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: United Kingdom
Domain: Industry, Information and communication technology

Better management of future technology

Emergent technologies have the potential to advance well-being and quality of life while also contributing to the economy. Harnessing their potential correctly is pivotal to achieving these aims.
Better management of future technology
Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, to the point where it’s becoming a challenge to exploit its potential benefits. Through a collaborative research agenda, the EU-funded MANETEI (Management of emergent technologies for economic impact) project targeted the management of emergent technologies in order to achieve maximum benefits for the economy and society.

Focusing on capacity building and career development for researchers, the project team built a network bringing together seven European leading business schools with a technology institute and industry partners. This researcher platform investigated how best to manage emergent technologies, crucial in a Europe that is investing more than ever in nano, bio, info and cognitive emerging science and technology.

MANETEI outlined strategies and tools used by stakeholders working with technology innovation systems to exploit their maximum value. The project also worked on a new model and tools to monitor and manage the impact of emergent technologies.

Work focused on studying these technologies in contexts where many actors from government, academia and the private sector collaborate. It also focused on how companies manage innovation, looking particularly at the role of ICT in this context.

The project identified a growing need for enabling organisations to coordinate stakeholders and support research policy. It studied new management and government models to foster responsible research and innovation, factoring in the role of policy initiatives and funding, as well as financial and fiscal instruments.

Key considerations in managing and encouraging technology innovation include the role of managers, quantitative/qualitative tools for practitioners and ICT technologies to strengthen innovation. Web tools and social media platforms can also help, as can incentives that contribute to technology platforms for open innovation.

One of the key project achievements involved building a productive learning environment for early-stage and experienced researchers based on a knowledge sharing platform that involved industry and academia. As the MANETEI network confirmed, extensive collaboration between industry and academia, particularly in the area of innovation management, is crucial for emergent technologies.

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