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Fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers for hostile conditions

An original technology has been developed further to produce a new family of fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers (FTPE) for applications in hostile conditions, in terms of very low and high temperature service and in contact with aggressive chemicals. This technology called Branching and Pseudoliving, enabled synthesis of new block copolymer FTPEs, where the end product at the solid state was formed by a network structure containing both physical and chemical links. Important additional tools were also developed, such as the annealing and radiation curing process, which improve the network stability and increase its high temperature resistance. In particular, it was found that the application of radiation crosslinking gives a substantial further contribution to the high temperature stability of the network, allowing applications in high demanding field, such as automotive and aerospace. The development of a special multicomponent addition technique allowed the preparation of FTPEs with tailored molecular weight distributions. These polymers showed excellent flowing and processing behaviours. Industrial class 2 FTPE hoses were prepared and tested.

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