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Optimal decision model for quality control of precast concrete elements using expert systems

Two quality control modules have been developed and checked on precast concrete elements.

The thermal and structural module (TSAPE) performs the control and simulation of the evolution of the products during the manufacturing steps, and it has two basic analysis. The first one is a simulation of the temperatures due to heat of hydration. With these temperatures, due to heat of hydration, it performs a structural analysis considering the loading phases and the evolution of the material properties. The second one is focused on structural analysis of precast concrete elements along the manufacturing process and the time period after concreting and hardening, taking into account the construction phases of the precast element (transference of prestressing force, dead-load due to self-weight of the concrete element, prestress losses, etc). The model is capable of predicting the structural response of these precast concrete elements at early ages as well as throughout their service load history.

The quality control inspection module (PREQUAL) was specially developed to perform quality control in the precast industry, following the recommendations of the ISO 9000. The version lets the user define all the control data, scope and solutions, trying to be as open as possible. Application is user friendly having in mind a direct utilisation by factory workers, so in some cases, it operates only in one way. Data input is only available by keyboard but it can also be adapted to an alphanumeric on-screen pad. It is important to correlate the controls in terms of consequences (the results of a fabrication control may explain the reason why the produced piece became damaged) and in terms of more accurate control steps to find the real cause and get the better solution for an anomaly.

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