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QUANTSTRO Report Summary

Project ID: 615117
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Netherlands

Periodic Report Summary 2 - QUANTSTRO (Quantum-Degenerate Strontium:Mixtures, Molecules, and Many-Body Physics)

To consolidate my research group I accepted a full professor position at the University of Amsterdam, moving there together with one PhD student and one postdoc in December 2013. The group grew quickly by attracting four talented PhD students and one postdoc. After having rebuilt our Rb-Sr setup at the new location, we continued to search for a path to create ultracold RbSr molecules. By using a dichromatic trap, we overcame mean-field repulsion between 87Rb and 84Sr, allowing us to create a double Mott insulator with 30 thousand sites occupied by one atom of each species. Since Rb-Sr magnetic Feshbach resonances are extremely narrow, we want to use STIRAP to associate atoms into molecules. Unfortunately molecular transitions in 87Rb84Sr turned out to be too weak. Together with photoassociation data taken on thermal 87Rb-88Sr mixtures, we were able to predict that the 87Rb-87Sr mixture should have suitable transitions. After adapting our setup to this more difficult to handle mixture, we could indeed confirm our prediction.

In parallel we designed a second setup, which will be used for the study of Sr quantum gases with artificial gauge fields and as Sr quantum gas microscope. We are currently performing the final bake of the new vacuum chamber and have nearly finished building the cooling lasers for that machine.

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