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MYODYN Report Summary

Project ID: 339847
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: France

Periodic Report Summary 2 - MYODYN (Myosins and the dynamics of intracellular membranes)

The goal of our project is to better understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie transport events occurring at the level of Golgi/Trans-Golgi network/endosomes in eukaryotic cells. Complex membrane trafficking, still largely unknown, takes place in this region of the cell where biosynthetic/secretory and endocytic pathways intersect. We focus in particular on the role actin and actin-based motors of the myosin family.
The main results obtained so far are as follows:
- we have shown that myosin II cooperates with a microtubule-based motor (KIF20A) to promote the fission of transport vesicles from Golgi membranes (manuscript submitted for publication).
- we have characterized the biochemical properties of myosin 1b and shown that its controls the formation of axons by regulating growth cone dynamics and the propagation of actin waves (manuscript submitted for publication).
- we have established that myosin 1c plays a role in the maintenance of Golgi architecture.
- we have shown that KIF5B controls nucleus-centrosome attachment during cell migration (manuscript submitted for publication).
- we have identified RAB6 as a major regulator of post-Golgi trafficking events (manuscript in preparation).

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