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Development of a production process for the elimination of wood veneer breaking in its use as a moulding

A new production line in the process of wrapping of substrates with wood veneer is proposed. The wood veneer is firstly steamed on both faces with water vapour. The steamed wood veneer passes through six rollers on line. The rollers are impregnated with the resin Incorez W 830/118. At the exit of the roller line there is an infrared drying system where the temperature is homogeneously controlled with a refrigeration system. Both sides of the wood veneer are steamed again. The bottom side is glued with a holt-melt adhesive reactivated with temperature and the wood veneer is stuck to the substrate. The wrapping machine may be modified depending on the profile nature.

This new process for profile wrapping avoids the need to use backing fleeces. Nowadays, when moulding profiles are covered with wood veneers, the veneers have backing fleeces to enhance flexibility. Besides, the wood veneers are sanded to reduce the thickness. The new line allows covering of profiles with wood veneer without any backing fleece.

The flexibility enhancement to the wood veneers by the backing fleeces is proposed to be given by the Incorez W 830/118, a soft hardness aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. It is an anionic, aliphatic modified polyether. Although its appearance is milky white it is translucent when dried over the wood veneer

The new production line to cover the profiles with wood veneer reduces the wood veneer cracking saving a lot of money spent nowadays in the scrapped and waste material.. Besides, the new machinery is really cheaper than the machinery used in the current technology. The production process is quicker than when using backing fleeces, so the productivity is greater. Also, the obtained product has no artificial material added as papers or fleeces. The appearance of the resulting treated wood veneer is totally natural.

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