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Radioactive waste disposal in clay

RESEAL, a large in situ demonstration test for repository sealing in an argillaceous host rock, has, as the main objective, to demonstrate the installation techniques for the backfilling and sealing of a shaft on a representative scale (a 1.4 m diameter shaft in the Hades underground research laboratory, Mol, Belgium). This experiment is developed in two different phases: the first consists of a 25 cm horizontal borehole sealing test intended to confirm the behaviour of potential material, and the second is the large scale shaft sealing test. Both experiments are made up of a complex set-up including several measurement points (total stress, displacement, water pressure, temperature). The large scale test will allow more than 150 measurement points to follow the seal behaviour. The aim is to test the seal plug against water and gas tightness, to characterise the precompacted mixture of clay based backfilling material, and to validate a model describing the sealing material behaviour.

Actually, the first phase of the project is already installed and measurements are running. The second phase, the shaft sealing test, will be developed and installed during 1998.

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