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Method to support decision making using qualitative data

The main objectives of this advanced manufacturing business implementation for Europe (AMBITE) project were as follows:
to develop models of a specific programme and technology (semantic models of interconnect technology and concurrent engineering were developed and customised to reflect the reality within specific manufacturing companies);
to develop a model that related the high level business objectives of a manufacturing enterprise to operational level measures of performance;
to develop a set of analysis tools that allowed senior managers to understand the consequences of the strategic decisions they make for their companies.

Three specific results were obtained, namely:
a framework that allows the business goals of an enterprise to be translated into a set of operational level performance measures (these performance measures are related to the strategy of the company and are related to specific business processes within the enterprise);
a set of semantic models for interconnect technology and concurrent engineering (these models contain detailed knowledge about a specific technology or programme and were customised to reflect specific industrial applications; the specific industrial information was provided by the project industrial endorsers);
a set of three prototype analysis tools (these analysis tools provide a means for senior managers to assess the implications for their business of investing in a specific technology or programme).

Reported by

National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)