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DCBIOX Report Summary

Project ID: 340046
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: France

Periodic Report Summary 2 - DCBIOX (Phagosome functions and antigen cross presentation in primary dendritic cells.)

DCBIOX is a vast project analyzing antigen cross presentation in dendritic cells at different biological scales(DCs). The proposal integrates fundamental cell biology analysis in primary DCs, in vivo mouse models to address the role of cross presentation in different pathologies, with the study of DC functions in cancer patients. This project represents a fundamental evolution in the conceptual and technological approaches proposed. The new experimental strategies envisaged include: i) genome wide genetic screens and polymorphisms analyses for cross presentation, ii) the analysis of the epigenetic control of cross presentation in developing DCs and iii) the study of human primary DC functions in the context of cancer. For all of these new approaches, we have established indispensable and productive collaborations in the last few years and started acquiring the required expertise. The present proposal will provide a comprehensive picture on the molecular networks underlying antigen cross presentation by DC primary subpopulations and define the mechanisms that mediate their control by innate signaling in mice and humans. It will contribute defining novel strategies to manipulate cross presentation for vaccine development, immune-modulation and prognosis in cancer patients.

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