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IONRUN Report Summary

Project ID: 318873
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Spain

Final Report Summary - IONRUN (Innovative Ionic polymers from Natural Sources for Energy&Environment)

IONRUN (Innovative Ionic polymers from Natural Sources for Energy&Environment) International Research Staff Scheme aims to strengthen research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between three European Research organizations: University of the Basque Country (Spain), University Cergy-Pontoise (France) and University Nova of Lisbon (Portugal) and five non-EU Research Organizations: Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Vellore University-VIT (India), Soochow University (China), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and Scientific and Technical Research Council (Argentina). The project will develop high quality training opportunities and international collaborations through a synergistic collaborative research programme. IONRUN research goals include:

o Development of innovative ionic polymer materials using natural and renewable sources,
o Synthesis of new monomers and polymers,
o Design and synthesis of green catalysis and environmental friendly polymerization processes.
o The developed materials will be tested in Energy&Environment applications such as materials for electrochemical energy storage and water purification.

Within IONRUN, excellent developments related to the synthesis of innovative ionic polymers and applications in energy and environment have been achieved. In the first part of the Project, great advances were carried out in the chemistry of new poly(ionic liquid)s. Those have included the synthesis of new cholinium type poly(ionic liquid)s, new triazolium polymers, new asymetric anions for ionic liquids, new poly(ionic liquid)s by polycondensation such as poly(imides) and polyurethanes nd new single-ion conducting block copolymers.

In the second part of the Project, these new polymers were successfully investigated in different areas of energy and environment. Thus the polymers were used to produce new all-solid electrochromic devices which showed excellent performance under extreme conditions. On the other hand, the single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes were used in all-solid lithium batteries which showed excellent performance at low temperatures due to the excellent combination of high ionic conductivity and lithium transference number in the same material.

Futhermore, very interesting results were obtained using the innovative ionic polymers in environmental applications. As a highlight the poly(ionic liquid)s were used as flocculants for water purification improving the performance of conventional polyelectrolytes. As another example, new polyurethane foams endowed with antimicrobial properties were developped which could be used for water purification. Last but not least, the Project contributed to the development of a new platform of gas membranes and CO2 capture materials which was base don poly(ionic liquid)s.

IONRUN was able to successfully strengthen existing collaborations between the Project partners as well as to consolidate the future of some of them. This was achieved through the exchange of Young researchers and by the join organization of 7 IONRUN workshops or international conferences, four in Europe, two in Spain, one in Portugal and one in Italy and 3 out of Europe (China, India and Russia). This collaboration is already having an influence in expanding the knowledge in the field of poly ionic liquids for energy and environment, which will bring about a great socio-economic impact in the near future. The Project results were disseminated through more than 20 scientific publications and a high number of participation in conferences:

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