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MESH-WISE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 324515
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Sweden
Domain: Information and communication technology

One step closer to a seamlessly connected world with emerging wireless network technology

A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a promising solution for scalable and ubiquitous internet access. Still, major limitations need to be overcome before the technology matures enough to fulfil its promise.
One step closer to a seamlessly connected world with emerging wireless network technology
Network connectivity anywhere and anytime is a prerequisite to conducting business and providing services in today’s society. In parallel, ever-growing demand on mobile data is driving the evolution towards 5G networks.

The potential for integrating the WMN paradigm based on heterogeneous technologies has not yet been sufficiently explored. ‘In this context, we addressed the need for developing concepts and solutions for tomorrow’s mesh-type wireless networks,’ says Professor Di Yuan, project coordinator for the EU-funded project MESH-WISE (Self-organising MESH networking with heterogeneous wireless access). ‘This will enable new applications for smart cities and smart environments such as offices and homes.’

Next-generation mesh networking begins to take shape

The ultimate aim of MESH-WISE was to advance the wireless networking concept so that new services can be provided and improved on using communication technologies. It focused on several key aspects, namely novel mechanisms for deployment and resource optimisation of self-organising wireless networks, new solutions for multipurpose heterogeneous networks, and prototypes of smart city applications using wireless communications.

Outcomes of research and development work range from new scientific knowledge to practical system solutions. Specifically, researchers derived new mathematical tools for optimising the utilisation of radio resources, novel networking mechanisms to improve performance and system self-management, and trials and demos that showcase the project’s achievements in real-life environments. Such efforts led to new, better wireless networking solutions, with a focus on emerging smart city applications.

MESH-WISE was launched before the key elements of 5G wireless networks were defined. ‘Today, we know that some of these 5G elements are dense deployment, heterogeneous networks and new network topologies,’ states Prof. Yuan. These features were well within the scope of MESH-WISE. ‘This demonstrates the significance and timeliness of the project, and, as a result, its output is part of the 5G evolution,’ he adds.

Network operators, consumers to reap socioeconomic benefits

For 5G networks, traffic offloading is a fundamental concept. According to Prof. Yuan, the developed solutions will provide operators with new means to deliver network user demand in a more cost-effective way. What is more, the technical solutions can be used for dense deployment of low-cost wireless access nodes, leading to better performance and greater cost efficiency. Network operators will have the opportunity to broaden market reach, boost customer loyalty, and meet the increased adoption and usage of mobile devices because of cost savings.

The deployment of sensors, actuators and interconnected devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading a market expansion in the public administration (smart cities) and private (smart environments) domains. Prof. Yuan says that IoT stakeholders stand to gain from MESH-WISE with respect to applications in smart cities and environments, thus enabling a high degree of flexibility in having different IoT components interacting and working together.

Prof. Yuan explains that end users will benefit from reduced costs for the use of networking thanks to offloading deployments based on WMN technology and heterogeneous networks. They will also be able to enjoy faster and more reliable service, and make the best use of new IoT solutions that improve their daily lives.

‘MESH-WISE fused and integrated scientific expertise with industrial know-how to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions for renewing the WMN paradigm,’ concludes Prof. Yuan.


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