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KNOWHY Report Summary

Project ID: 621222
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: Netherlands

Periodic Report Summary 1 - KNOWHY (Improving the Knowledge in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology for Technicians and Workers)

Project Context and Objectives:
The main objective of the project is to create blended learning program for technicians working with FC&H2 applications and correspondingly train minimum of 1000 technicians by the project end. To achieve this, several objectives have been identified as identify the training needs, identify the target group describing the profile of the technicians to be addressed in several countries, identify training modules based on survey & interviews with FC&H2 organizations & companies, identify & create contacts with stakeholders, develop the teaching methodology, set the online platform & 3D simulations/serious games, develop course contents, didactic resources, translate the course contents in 6 languages, identify suitable operating facilities, demo projects that can be used for the practical training without additional investment, formulate the practical training sessions, establish indicators & protocols to monitor the training activities, develop dissemination package including poster, flyers, ppt template, project website, identify dissemination channels, disseminate to general public, educational institutes, FC&H2 research institutions & industries, define a business case & SPV to exploit KnowHy, organise a series of workshops and conferences to best promulgate the study findings among experts, stakeholders and the general public.
Project Results:
- Relevant stakeholders in the FC&H2 sector identified & documented
- Market survey conducted to identify the main applications of FC&H2
- Based on the market survey & interviews of the stakeholders from several countries, five specialisation modules identified for the training program
- The target group of technicians to be addressed in the training identified
- Teaching methodology defined & the course platform set
- The KnowHy website developed and is now open to public
- The course platform updated with the core module & one specialisation module in English and Dutch languages along with the self-assessment tests
- Pilot/trial course in progress in the Netherlands for the core module & specialisation module: H2 for transport applications
- Serious game for core module & transport module developed, revision in progress
- Trial of only transport module conducted by Campus in Belgium. Positive feedback from the participants
- Indicators & protocols to monitor the courses established
- Dissemination documents (poster, flyer, power point template finalised & a LinkedIn page for KnowHy established
- Strategy to seek trainees has been identified
- KnowHy & its courses disseminated at several events & several publications released
Potential Impact:
- The courses: core module & specialisation 'transport module' have been uploaded in English and Dutch language on the platform
- The final result of this project is the creation of 6 courses (specialisation modules) each independent training focused on applications of FC&H2 technology. The 6 courses are H2 for transport applications, H2 production & handling, Microfuel cells, combined heat & power application, FC based generators.
- The project enables formation of sustained training offers addressed to the technicians working in the FC&H2 industry.
- The blended learning programme will enable the technicians to study along side theri work schedule due to flexible e-learning platform followed by practical training session
- Enhance connections & network involving the FC&H2 industries, universities & related organisations

The wider societal implications of the project are:
- Contribution to the development of educational programs in Europe with focus on FC&H2 technologies at different levels
- Preparing labor force for the upcoming widespread commercialization of FC&H2 technologies
- Promoting security of energy supplies for the European Union
- Promoting flexible blended learning in the educational system in Europe
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