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ADREEM Report Summary

Project ID: 340469
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Periodic Report Summary 2 - ADREEM (Adding Another Dimension – Arrays of 3D Bio-Responsive Materials)

The ADREEM team has been developing new chemistries and new materials that have biological and biomedical applications. For example imagine:
• A polymer (we call them “smartpolymers”) that has a drug attached to it, but which only allows the drug to be released when tissue is “sick or diseased”.
• Or a small particle (a nanoparticle – the size of a grain of pollen) that localises into a tumour and is then delivers its cargo upon the addition of a trigger (for example it could be “switched-on” or activated with red-light).

In another area the team are making three-dimensional scaffolds. The reason for doing this is that cells within our bodies typically exist within a three-dimensional environment (the top layer of skin cells are perhaps the major exception). Yet most biologists grow cells on a flat (2D) surface – unfortunately this 2D culturing effects the way in which cells behave and grow. As part of ADREEM we are developing an approach that allows us to make hundreds to thousands of new 3D scaffolds (of varying stiffness), while allowing the cells to find the “prefect” home or scaffold for themselves. We are using this approach to find new “hard” scaffolds for bone repair and “soft” scaffold for growth of pancreatic cells.

Key to all this work is a number of collaborations with groups across Europe - where we provide the new materials and novel chemistry and other groups provide the biological problems and cells that require specific conditions/niche for control.

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