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FMCoBe Report Summary

Project ID: 341117
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Switzerland

Periodic Report Summary 3 - FMCOBE (Fluid Mechanics in Collective Behaviour: Multiscale Modelling and Applications)

The project Fluid Mechanics of Collective Behaviour has advanced the state of the art in our understanding of the flow related mechanisms involved in collective fish swimming and transport of blood cells and nanoparticles in vasculatures.

We have pioneered the integration of reinforcement learning algorithms in fluid mechanics. This is a prime example of integrating Artificial Intelligence with complex flow simulations.This integration has led to the first ever simulations of sustained coordinated fish swimming enabling us to understand the role of hydrodynamics and the efficiency of collective swimming.

We have also performed the largest ever simulations of blood flows in micro-fluidic devices, simulating over 0.5 Billion blood cells using 1 Trillion of computational elements.These simulations constitute the state of the art in the field of mesoscale flow simulations.

We have introduced a comprehensive Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification framework for the data driven calibration of particle based models.
The application of this framework to the field of Molecular Dynamics is leading to a thorough re-examination of the simulation results that have been obtained using this method.

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