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ReBORN — Result In Brief

Project ID: 609223
Funded under: FP7-NMP
Country: Germany
Domain: Fundamental Research , Industry, Environment, Information and communication technology

Technological solutions give new life to decommissioned production systems and equipment

Because of increasing demands on flexibility, adaptability and low-life-cycle machine costs, little attention is being paid to the considerable drop in production efficiency, and equipment decommissioning and substitution. An EU initiative introduced strategies and technologies for the reuse of production equipment in factories.
Technological solutions give new life to decommissioned production systems and equipment
The EU-funded REBORN (Innovative reuse of modular knowledge based devices and technologies for old, renewed and new factories) project delivered a set of prototypes proven for industrial environments that are able to collect and manage information regarding equipment capabilities.

The REBORN team produced versatile, modular, plug-and-produce equipment known as VERSONs with built-in intelligence for flexible production, self-state monitoring and optimal reuse. These devices gather, store and analyse process data. The obtained information is then converted into knowledge about equipment components within the system. This data can be used for a variety of activities, including dynamic scheduling of task operation, potential maintenance and refurbishment, and for prognostic analytics on the equipment’s remaining lifetime performance.

VERSONs were designed as modules in order to allow reconfiguration, for example, in the case of changing demands for products to be manufactured. They can also be easily integrated into both new and existing hardware. To accompany VERSONs, researchers devised strategies for their reuse and models for factory layout design and adaptive configuration.

Lastly, project partners successfully demonstrated the technologies for intelligent repair, upgrade and reuse of equipment, design of factory layouts, and flexible and adaptable production on shop floors through several industrial scenarios. More than 15 demonstrators and prototypes were made available.

REBORN solutions will contribute to sustainable, resource-friendly and greener factories, while delivering economic and competitive advantages for the manufacturing sector. The proposed reuse and refurbishment approaches will also give rise to new business model opportunities, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of European SMEs. Ultimately, the European machinery industry will shift from an equipment-based business to a value added one, where equipment servicing and equipment knowledge become the main business drivers.

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Production equipment, factories, REBORN, modular knowledge based devices, VERSONs
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