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UpFermi Report Summary

Project ID: 616082
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Germany

Periodic Report Summary 2 - UPFERMI (Unconventional pairing in ultracold Fermi gases)

The project is concerned with the exploration of ultracold Fermi gases in optical lattices. Ultracold atoms serve as a model system to study many-body quantum physics such as superfluidity or quantum magnetism. We aim at realizing new quantum phases, which have escaped observation, and enhance the understanding of strongly-correlated many-body states. The outcomes of this work will also contribute to a better understanding of correlated materials which form the basis of the next generation of technologies. To date, our work has observed and studied the transition between a metallic phase and Mott-insulator, which is a special form of insulator created by strong correlations between its constituents. Moreover, we have observed how magnetic correlations emerge from the Mott insulator and demonstrated that microscopic short-range magnetic correlations change the thermodynamics of the system.

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