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FLAVOURE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 229827
Funded under: FP7-REGPOT
Country: Estonia
Domain: Society, Food and Natural Resources

Making it easier to make food safe

Researchers have improved the capabilities of the Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture (ERIA) to make European food as safe as possible.
Making it easier to make food safe
Food safety and the quality of animal feed are two very important topics for consumers today. From tainted eggs to mad cow disease, Europe has seen its fair share of food safety breaches and compromises in animal feed quality.

One EU-funded initiative that addressed the issue was FLAVOURE (Food and feed laboratory of varied and outstanding research in Estonia). While the project was based in Estonia, it involved partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania and Finland jointly contributing to improving food and feed security across the continent.

Researchers have improved on the ability of ERIA to develop novel molecular biology methods to assess the quality risks of food and feed. The team increased the knowledge, visibility and collaboration of ERIA with its existing and new European partners within the field.

FLAVOURE oversaw the renovation of a laboratory building and introduction of up-to-date laboratory equipment for molecular biological analysis. This included a centrifuge, universal oven, spectrophotometer and electrophoresis equipment, increasing ERIA’s analytical capabilities significantly.

Experienced researchers from other countries spent a month advancing their skills in evaluating food and feed quality and safety, and mastering modern laboratory equipment. FLAVOURE initiated training for outgoing young researchers and technicians, as well as visits of incoming experienced researchers. The trainees explored topics covering food quality, feed safety, grassland biodiversity and soil microorganisms.

FLAVOURE brought about much better laboratory facilities at ERIA, lifelong learning for research institutions, hands-on experience for young scientists and a platform for knowledge exchange. The initiative has upgraded cooperation in food and feed quality, safety and risk, promoting joint events with leading research centres and contact among researchers.

Project work has also spurred closer local cooperation with farmers, government officials and other stakeholders through seminars, training days, advisory services and technology networks.

The team increased participation of ERIA in EU projects by promoting policymaking in the field. FLAVOURE formed and launched the Extension Department, which has increased knowledge transfer between researchers and agricultural producers.

These actions and emerging policies are set to make people’s food and animal feed as safe as technologically possible.

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