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Parallel and serial optimization: Linear, integer and quadratic programming

XPRESS-MP comes from Dash Associates, a leading European mathematical programming (optimization) company focused on high performance mathematical programming. Innovative research has lead to the development of Parallel XPRESS-MP and EMOSL. Parallel XPRESS-MP incorporates a modeller, and Simplex, Interior Point, mixed integer programming (MIP) and Quadratic optimisers, all available on a variety of platforms. It can be used in the following areas: supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, logistics, utility planning, manufacturing, scheduling, optimal purchasing.

EMSOL solves the developer's problem that in algorithmic development clever solution methods use algebraic structures but these structures are lost in the optimiser's matrix. Regenerating the matrix is clumsy and slow and algorithms tailored to both model and data are too inflexible. The solution is to use the algebraic structures to access the optimiser's matrix directly, thus giving speed and efficiency, as algorithms that are tailored to the model not to the data. Systems Integrators, algorithmic developers, advanced management science and operational research groups among others will have the opportunity to rapidly develop fast, efficient and integrated modelling/optimization systems.

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