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Optical radar sensor fusion for environmental applications

The quality of the DEMs and orthoimages generated with optical or radar data is affected by the intrinsic limitations of the remote sensing systems. Optical images can be corrupted if fog or clouds cover the imaged scenes; SAR images are affected by strong geometric distortions in rugged areas. These limitations in the original data can influence both the accuracy of the generated DEMs and their completeness (eg cloudy areas in the optical image result in holes in the generated DEM grid). The use of data from different remote sensing sources and their integration (data fusion) for DEM generation and geocoding can offer a solution to overcome the above mentioned limitations. Thus, at present the best option to develop an operational tool for DEM generation using SAR images could be the synergic use of both techniques: radargrammetry for the generation of a preliminary DEM, capturing information about the high relief and without atmospheric effects, and interferometry for the improvement of the radargrammetric DEM, with better spatial resolution and low relief information. For this purpose, further research is necessary in the future.

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