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Multiple power semiconductor module packages and assemblies using aluminium substrates

A functional anodised aluminium substrate material has been developed that can be used for the fabrication of a wide variety of electronic circuits. Important specifications of the substrate are:
the high temperature robustness of the substrate (this gives an advantage for applications such as automotive electronics where a control circuit mounted on the engine must maintain performance in a sustained high temperature environment);
the low thermal resistance which is a factor of 2 better than the equivalent existing technology;
the relatively low cost and simplicity of the substrate manufacturing operation.

By itself the new anodized aluminium substrate would be of little value. To be useful it is essential that a viable conductor technology is available for the fabrication of electronic circuits on the substrate. This has been achieved by the development of a low temperature cermet hybrid circuit process. Results show that the process is eminently suitable for application with the anodized aluminium substrate. Only conventional and readily available industrial equipment is required for processing. The cermet conductor can be directly applied by many manufacturers equipped with thick-film hybrid circuit manufacturing equipment. Fully functional industrial applications demonstrators have been developed that effectively demonstrate the compatibility of the anodized aluminium substrate and associated conductor processing. The results demonstrate confidence in the robustness and reliability of the technology in a realistic application environment. Specific applications demonstrated include: automotive application for an ignition circuit controller; industrial power electronic modules; industrial smart power modules incorporating drive circuitry.

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