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Development of split-film co-knitted thermoplastic composites

A new generation of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic textile structures has been developed, called Split-Warpknits. Split-Warpknits are warpknitted textile structures that are composed of reinforcing fibres and a thermoplastic material. The textile structure can be uni-axial (where the fibres are oriented in the same direction), bi-axial (the fibres are knitted together in warp 0 and weft 90 direction) or multi-axial (where up to 8 layers are knitted together in different orientations). Extensive research and development has been done on the following different levels: material selection and development; transformation from film to textile structure; development of a process technique; product development (demonstrator parts). Two different Split-Warpknits have been developed: one based on polypropylene (PP)/glass, the other on polyethylene terephthalate polymer (PETP)/ glass and for high performance applications a polyether imide (PEI)/aramide structure has been developed. Novel production techniques have been studied (vibrational technique, QUIKTEMP, induction heating, porous steel) and various demonstrator parts have been produced.

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