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Electromagnetic tomography for industrial applications

Electromagnetic inductance tomography (EMT) was developed for industrial applications. This particular tomographic approach has not been extensively researched before. The technique employs mutual inductance measurements between sets of coils in order to extract images relating to distributions of electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability. The project involved the development of demonstration electromagnetic inspection systems which are capable of looking inside components, structures or processes in order to determine images of their internal state.

A number of EMT imaging systems have been designed, built and tested. This has resulted in the development of a modular hardware system and software framework for EMT, which consists of sensor array, control electronics, data acquisition system, high speed computer and image reconstruction software. Several systems have been studied, including a parallel field EMT system, a multi-pole system and sensors up to 8 inch diameter with a variety of coil geometries and several EMT sensor geometries have been simulated to understand the design compromises. Confirmation of selected simulations was attained by measurement. A range of reconstruction algorithms were developed and compared and a software framework for algorithm implementation was developed. A distributed software framework for electrical tomography was devised and a modular approach proposed for other electrical tomographic modes. Initial assessments were given for applications such as non destructive testing, steel industry and particle concentration.

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